Surgical Lights

The latest multi-color or white-light LEDS, our patented reflector technology and the positioning of the LEDs as part of a unique design all lead to more light - and no shadows. Sim.LED offers perfect lighting conditions for any operation. Our surgical lighting offers impressive features such as low heat generation, long lifetime with low power consumption and easy servicing. Sim.LED is also setting standards in hygiene and cleanliness, thanks to its seamless, sealed construction and its scratchproof, easy-to-clean ESG safety glass.

Sim.LED 7000
Thanks to its site, it is the most powerful surgical light that SIMEON offers. With 108 LEDs, the Sim.LED 7000 offers the highest center illuminance and the largest field of illumination. And if you have even greater plans, you can simply combine two Sim.LED 7000 or a Sim.LED 7000 with a Sim.LED 5000.

Sim.LED 5000
The Sim.LED 5000 offers you optimum illumination of the wound area and maximum homogeneous light distribution. Of course you can combine a Sim.LED 5000 almost seamlessly with another Sim.LED 5000 or even with a Sim.LED 7000.

Sim.LED 4500
The Sim.LED 4500 is the ideal light for out-patient surgery as it appears on the agenda for dental or plastic surgery operations. Despite its compact, space-saving size, this light is always on hand to provide safe, reliable illumination to an ideal depth. However, the Sim.LED 4500 doesn’t just look good – its unbeatable energy efficiency also makes it very attractive from an economical point of view.

integrated into the Sim.LED lamp body or a separate camera stand, the camera ensures that all details are shown at the required level of resolution on the flat panel monitor. A wall-mounted control panel with an intuitive user interface makes it easy for operators to control the entire system. Sim.CAM is a digital camera developed specifically for operating theatre use and records images in outstanding quality. Optionally available as an in-light or external camera and with SD or full HD resolution.

With Sim.STREAM, SIMEON offers you the perfect solution for meeting the requirements of modern telemedicine. Sim.STREAM gives you the capability to transmit a video signal over the network simultaneously to multiple PCs in superior HD quality and at a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. At the same time, both the video signal and single still frames can be easily recorded to a USB flash drive.

The Sim.SCREEN monitor bracket ensures optimum positioning for all commercially-available monitors. Also available as a twin monitor bracket. Ensuring you always have your camera images directly in view.

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