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SIMEON has been manufacturing LED lights with patented reflector technology and unique design since 2005. And in less than ten years, has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of operating theatre LED lighting. SIMEON's great flexibility and strengths in technical innovation - also demonstrated by the size of our patent portfolio - have earned our solutions a well-deserved place in medical technology.

The LED technology from SIMEON offers maximum flexibility for planners, the greatest security of supply for operations and intensive care, and the clearest view in every situation. SIMEON's great flexibility and unique strengths in technical innovation have enabled the company to become one of the world's most popular manufacturers of LED operating theatre lights.

SIMEON lights - whether multi-coloured or single colour - ensure a perfectly lit medical working environment. To support this, SIMEON has flexible ceiling-mounted supply units with modular elements. A specially developed, revolutionary support arm system, which can be reconfigured as desired even after installation. And a wide range of optional accessories and possible system combinations. All products from SIMEON are made in Germany.

Surgical Lights

Surgical Lights

The latest multi-color or white-light LEDS, our patented reflector technology and the positioning of the LEDs as part of a unique design all lead to more light - and no shadows. Sim.LED offers perfect lighting conditions for any operation.

Examination Lights

Examination Lights

Challenging tasks demand more than conventional solutions. With the innovative Sim.LED family of examination lights, you benefit from all the advantages of the most modern LED technology

Ceiling Supply Units

Ceiling Supply Units

Sim.CARRY – the ideal supply manager for surgery and intensive care

With Sim.CARRY, you can have the ideal ceiling supply unit. Just as you want it.And exactly as you need it. Since Sim.CARRY is a modular system, it orients itself exactly on your needs.

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