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AmRay Medical is a trusted provider of Radiation Protection Products for the medical sector. We deliver high quality lead and lead free aprons, accessories and room radiation shielding solutions that offer comfort, durability and optimum X-Ray Radiation Protection for both medical staff and patients alike.

Our custom-made X-Ray protective aprons, accessories and room radiation shielding are designed with optimum safety, practicality, comfort and durability in mind.

We are committed to the ongoing Research and Development of market leading and innovative radiation protection solutions.

Our business was founded by an experienced radiographer in 1985 and has grown to become a leading force in radiation protection in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Middle East. AmRay is now a recognised brand worldwide.

AmRay work closely with medical professionals, engineers, physicists and project architects to design and manufacture innovative radiation protection solutions designed for the safety and comfort of medical staff, patients and the general public.

Radiation Protection Aprons

Radiation Protection Aprons

AmRay is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of personal radiation protection lead-lined products to the medical profession

Radiation Protection Accesories

Radiation Protection Accesories

AmRay has a wide range of innovative ionising radiation protection accessories offering high levels of protection and durability.

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